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Avoiding the Smashwords delay

As an indie author, I self-publish using Smashwords. It’s a fantastic way to make my books available in popular eBook stores, but it comes with a downside: delays. With the recent release of my Vice & Virtue book, Man of the Year, I thought it might be helpful to share my favorite way of avoiding that pesky delay. A little… Read more →

Vice and Virtue erotic romance series by Bianca Giovanni

The making of Vice & Virtue

A little over six months ago, I decided to indulge a lifelong dream and start writing a novel. I set out to write a story that I’d want to read with characters that I’d fall in love with. As a new interpretation of classic romance novel archetypes, I created my tale of a porn star and his virginal best friend, a duo who had a long history, mutual respect, undeniable attraction and a genuine love for each other—both romantic and otherwise. Read more →