Have you joined The Vice Squad?

If you haven’t already seen my Facebook posts, I have a new street team. The Vice Squad is for fans of the Vice & Virtue series, whether you’ve read all the original books or you’re just psyched for the release of Revealed. Vice Squad members will get all kinds of Vice & Virtue exclusives, including never-before-seen excerpts from Revealed. As I… Read more →

So excited for the launch of Revealed

Countdown to ‘Revealed’

We have just under nine weeks to go until the release of Revealed, and to say that I’m excited would be an understatement. I am jump-up-and-down-squealing excited. After self-publishing since last September, this will be my first book with a publisher, Omnific Publishing, and I’ve really enjoyed watching things come together. My awesome editor, Meredith, has helped me tighten things… Read more →

The Vice & Virtue series is coming to Omnific Publishing!

Wallbanger, Gabriel’s Inferno, Tangled … and me! Soooo excited! I’ve signed with Omnific Publishing to put out five novels in the Vice & Virtue series. More details in this press release: Sep. 13, 2013 – LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Omnific Publishing is thrilled to announce they have signed Denver author Bianca Giovanni for a planned five book series. Early versions of the story were… Read more →

New cover for VV&V

Writing is a process and my stories are always evolving and changing. The same goes with the covers for my books. Today, I bring you the brand new cover for Vice, Virtue & Video. This was shot by my friend Ben, who has given me valuable feedback (and lots of much-appreciated praise) on the books. I wanted to stay simple… Read more →

Avoiding the Smashwords delay

As an indie author, I self-publish using Smashwords. It’s a fantastic way to make my books available in popular eBook stores, but it comes with a downside: delays. With the recent release of my Vice & Virtue book, Man of the Year, I thought it might be helpful to share my favorite way of avoiding that pesky delay. A little… Read more →

Vice and Virtue erotic romance series by Bianca Giovanni

The making of Vice & Virtue

A little over six months ago, I decided to indulge a lifelong dream and start writing a novel. I set out to write a story that I’d want to read with characters that I’d fall in love with. As a new interpretation of classic romance novel archetypes, I created my tale of a porn star and his virginal best friend, a duo who had a long history, mutual respect, undeniable attraction and a genuine love for each other—both romantic and otherwise. Read more →