Desired is live!

Vice, Virtue & Video Desired is now live on Amazon and B&N, and early reviews have been great!

A few of my favorites:

Vice, Virtue & Video: Desired by Bianca Giovanni available now for Kindle and Nook“I had a great time with this book. Though it’s part of a series, it can stand alone. And the smexytimes are as sensual and generous as James’ third leg.”

“I read the book that day all in one sitting. I easily give this book 5 sexy stars…The writing in this book has an easy flow and James and Lola together put the sex in sexy.”

“God I have to say I absolutely loved this whole series! If you haven’t read this series and you are looking for the ultimate book boyfriend you needn’t look further because James is the most ideal book boyfriend ever.”

“I have been hooked on this series since page 1. I would highly recommend for a great sustenance series with angst and true love from childhood friendship.”

Porn superstar James Laird has devoted himself to a new romance with his lifelong best friend, Lola Caraway. James’s retirement has prompted the industry to honor him at the annual Adult Video Awards in Las Vegas. He’s up for the biggest prize of the night: Man of the Year. With the love of his life by his side and the recognition of his peers, it seems James has it all.

Lola is head-over-heels in love with James, but has no idea what to expect when she accompanies him to the biggest porn industry event of the year. She finds herself torn between being proud of James’s success and shaken by flaring insecurity as a result of her immersion in the world of porn. She knew James’s former career would be a challenge, but nothing could prepare her for the epicenter of all things porn.

Debauchery wars with devotion as they struggle to save their relationship, their love, their hearts’ desire.

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