Feeling the five-star love for ‘Captured’

As an author, I love to read reviews. I began with self-publishing, and reader feedback was crucial in shaping not only James and Lola’s story, but my writing itself. You know you’ve done your job when readers are passionate enough type out paragraphs praising your book. I have been truly honored by the reviews for Captured on Amazon. Since I’m so very thrilled about all the five-star love, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites here.

Five stars for Vice, Virtue & Video: CapturedBianca has once again skillfully combined nail-biting angst with humor and enough sexual tension to fuel a small country to come up with one great series!” – Autumn, Agents of Romance

I liked the first book a lot, but this one REALLY blew me away. The level of intimacy and care these two have for each other is so clear. From the start I was screaming at Lola to stay away, but by the end I just couldn’t help it; I fell for James, too. He’s a good guy, really, and his love for Lola is something special. Can’t wait to read more of their love story.” – V. Rundell

Every time I finish one of Bianca Giovanni’s books, I am beyond anxious for the next. It is one of those books where when you see you are getting to the last couple of chapters, you almost want to slow down and try to draw it out a little longer.” – Hilldog

Holy smokes! The sequel to Revealed DID NOT DISAPPOINT! […] You MUST one-click this book! Bianca does it again!” – Francine P

Wow, James and Lola, they have the most intensely bonded and honest relationship ever, it’s so solid and drama free. The unconditional love and support they have for each other is amazing. […] I can’t wait to see what they decide to do next.” – Michelle

I have fallen in Love with this story.” – Aubrey

It was for sure a fantastic one, from beginning to end. Vice, Virtue & Video series is a compulsively readable journey that hooked me and left me begging me more. Just marvelous and beautiful.” – JoT

Just wow, this book really blew me away. […] I loved this book and just wow I highly recommend you lovely readers check out this book. 5 of 5 stars!” – Jessica

Best series I’ve read in a while. I’m already anxious for book number three!!! It cannot come soon enough. I hope everyone buys and reads this series … you’re gonna love it … GUARANTEED!” – Kyle Piccola

Highly recommend. This series just gets better. I can’t wait for the next one.” – P. Olsen

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