More, more, more! A new VVV novella!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I wanted to show my love for all the awesome people who love James and Lola. Chocolate and roses are so cliche, so I decided to whip up a brand new Vice, Virtue & Video novella instead. This is a Valentine’s gift that won’t make you fat like candy, and it won’t dry up in a week like flowers. Besides, homemade gifts are always the best ones anyway!

This novella takes place after Revealed but before book #2 (cover reveal coming soon). Here’s a quick synopsis:

Letting Go - A Vice, Virtue & Video novella by Bianca GiovanniJames Laird and Lola Caraway have been best friends since childhood. After an incident in their hometown that caused the two to face their growing attraction to one another, James and Lola have decided that “just friends” is best.

Ever the ladies’ man, James has become a star in the world of porn. Lola, on the other hand, is attending a prestigious university and well on her way to a very bright future—one that doesn’t involve on-camera sex scenes and anonymous hook-ups.

Now James goes to visit Lola in college, and he must deal with the fact that their lives might be headed in two different directions. He doesn’t want to stifle her, but he just can’t live without her. Can he accept the fact that his “cupcake” is all grown up, or will it be too hard to let her go?

Letting Go is available now for Kindle in the Barnes & Noble Nook store, and on Smashwords. I’ll post more links here as they go live live.

Lastly, I’ve had some people ask me about the series reading order. My original, self-pub books are listed on Goodreads, so I know it can get a bit confusing. The original series was three novellas and two novels. The NEW series will be five novels, plus two novellas.

Here’s the order:

First Dance


Letting Go

*Book 2 (coming this spring)

*Book 3 (TBA)

*Book 4 (TBA)

*Book 5 (TBA)

I hope this helps clear everything up. As always, if you any questions, comments, or you just want to shoot the shit about Jason Momoa, hit me up on Facebook and Twitter. I love hearing from readers!

Hope you all enjoy Letting Go! I’m really looking forward to bringing you guys the rest of the series!



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