Bonus Scene – Dave Keegan’s Pool Party

It’s Christmas and I want to give everyone a little something. This extra long deleted scene originally started out as a Vice Squad exclusive, but in the spirit of the holiday, I want to share it with everyone. Those who read the original Vice & Virtue short stories will remember the infamous “Dave Keegan Pool Party Incident”. Here’s Lola’s view of what happened that fateful day…

Today feels like something out of a teen movie. I, Lola Caraway, am a cool kid—at least for now. It’s my She’s All That moment. Keegan is throwing a little pool party, and I get to attend.

Keegan arranges these little get-togethers a lot during the summers, but they’re normally something reserved for the pretty, popular, older girls Keegan, Joey and James want to sleep with. Since James is my best friend, I hear about these parties all the time, about how the guys flirt with the bikini clad girls, eventually leading to steamy hook-ups in Keegan’s basement. James is handsome and charming, a sexual force among boys at our school, and he always gets laid at these things, so I was a bit surprised when he gave in to my pestering and pleading and eventually let me tag along. He treats me like a little sister sometimes, and I know I’ll be a hindrance to his agenda, an unintentional cock-block. Keegan didn’t seem too upset about my attendance, since I think he’s got a little crush on me. Unfortunately for him, I have no intention of doing anything with him today. Besides, I’m guessing James would knock him out if he even attempted anything with me.

I lean back on the lounge chair, glad that I can finally fill out my bikini, and I listen to the older girls gossip. I get to hear who’s a bitch in the sophomore class, who’s a slut, who’s a prude, who’s got an eating disorder, and all sorts of other things girls say about each other behind their backs. I’m mostly just nodding and pretending to agree, since I don’t really know the girls they’re talking about. I do laugh to myself a little bit when they start talking about sexual experience. Most of them have either fooled around or had full-on sex with James at some point, but they don’t know that he’s told me all the details of these encounters.

“Boys like it the best when you deep throat them,” Annie Spears, a curvy, auburn-haired junior says. The other girls nod in agreement. “The key is to put it down really deep and then pretend like you’re swallowing. That’s how you can do it without gagging.”

She would know. James says she gives really good blowjobs, but that she doesn’t really know how to move during sex. I heard all about this after he screwed her at a party last March.

“Do you let them finish in your mouth?” fellow junior, Jenny Hartford, asks. She’s thin with long, sleek brown hair and thick, sculpted eyebrows. She’s got a Brooke Shields/Jennifer Connelly thing going on, and James said he couldn’t go very deep during sex with her because it hurt her when he bottomed out.

“I hate it when they finish in my mouth!” Melissa Gordon, the lone sophomore in the group chimes in, flipping her blond hair over her shoulder.

“Me too,” Jenny agrees. “The texture grosses me out.”

I feel my cheeks blushing as I look away, pretending like this conversation isn’t thoroughly entertaining me. My friends are nerds, so we rarely talk about stuff like this. I’m kind of surprised to hear these girls having a conversation that I assumed would normally be reserved for hormone-driven teenage dudes.

“Have you guys ever tried it with James?” Annie asks. “He tastes really good.”

“Yeah, true,” Jenny says, nodding. “But most boys just taste…yucky!”

All the girls laugh, so I smile and laugh along with them. I’ve never given a blowjob before, so I have absolutely nothing to contribute to the conversation. I’ve never given a handjob either. In fact, the most I’ve ever done is some light kissing with minimal tongue, and that was with a foreign exchange student named Goran during a game of truth-or-dare at my friend Zoe’s birthday party last year.

Melissa pouts as she looks at all of us. “So lame! I haven’t tried it with James yet.”

“Aw!” Annie and Jenny both reply, mockingly pouting along with her.

“I so want to fuck him, though!” Melissa says with a cheeky grin as she takes a glance over to the pool.

My eyes follow, seeing James standing with Joey and Keegan in waist-deep water in the shade of the pool shed. His usual olive complexion is even darker, now a rich tan, and his long, chestnut-brown hair is wet and clinging to his neck and the tops of his shoulders. He’s much taller than the other two, and he looks like he should be doing a photo shoot for some kind of expensive cologne.

“He is so fucking hot,” Jenny sighs.

“And he can go for a long time, too,” Annie chimes in. “He’s not one of those boys that comes too quick.”

With great effort, I hold in a snicker. The way they’re drooling over him just cracks me up. All girls do this. It’s crazy! I’ve known James since I was in first grade, so it’s hard for me to think of him as some kind of sex god, but I’m definitely in the minority there. At this point, he’s slept with the majority of girls in the sophomore, junior and senior classes. I’m just glad he hasn’t started in on the freshmen yet, because it would be so awkward to hear about his sexual prowess from my close friends.

James and the guys seem to be in deep conversation, but Keegan takes a glance at us and sees everyone staring. He says something to James and Joey, and they both look up, flashing flirty smiles. The girls all giggle, but I give James a subtle eye roll. He responds with a wink and then goes back to chatting with the dudes.

“Lola, what’s the most you’ve done with James?” Melissa asks me, suddenly directing everyone’s attention to me.

“Nothing,” I shyly admit.

“You’ve never hooked up with him?” Annie says with shock.

“No.” I shake my head. “It’s not really like that with us.”

“You’re missing out,” Annie replies, giving me a smirk like she’s some kind of James expert.

“Hey, that just means there’s more to go around for you guys,” I joke, surprised when they laugh in response.

“Unfff! If I had a best friend like that, I’d hook up with him every night!” Melissa says, biting her bottom lip as she checks out James again.

I blush, starting to giggle in embarrassment.

“You’re too cute!” Annie says, smiling at me like I’m some adorable, helpless puppy.

Of course, I know that these girls are including me in their gossip and being so friendly to me precisely because James is my best friend. Normally, I’d be too nerdy for them to even acknowledge, but they have to be nice to me because they know I can influence James’s opinions. Besides, I’m younger, I’m inexperienced, and I’m not a threat to them—despite my ultra-tight bond with Hottie McHotterson over there. James treats me like a kid sister most of the time, so they know I’d never swoop in and try to “steal” him away from his endless high school hook-ups.

I hear movement from the pool and then wet footsteps approaching our little circle of lounge chairs. I’m comfortably resting on my side while the rest of the girls are on their backs with their legs up in some kind of enticing mud-flap girl pose. My back is to the pool and all their eyes flash behind me as the footsteps grow closer.

Water droplets rain down on me and I quickly squirm to block them, looking up at James, who has his arms on either side of my chair and is shaking his wet hair over me.

“Don’t!” I say through a giggle as I put my foot to his chest and pretend to push him back.

He laughs and grabs my ankles, throwing both my legs over his knees as he sits down on the lower part of the chair. He drums on my shins for a second before looking up at the girls, who might as well have hearts in their eyes like Bugs Bunny. I try not to laugh at their obvious sighs and ogling.

“What’s going on over here with the ladies?” he asks, flashing a charming smile that makes them all giggle. “Just soaking up the sun?”

“Getting some nice tan lines,” Annie says in what she things is a seductive voice as she moves the strap of her bikini to the side to show him.

“Lookin’ good,” he says, giving her that classic heartbreaker smile.

She bats her eyes, and I even see her lick her lips when she looks him over. So blatant, Annie!

“You’ve got a nice tan going too,” Melissa says, scooting over in her chair so she can touch his arm.

He gives her the look, the James Laird Sex Laser Beam, and I know she’s a goner. It wouldn’t surprise me if she ripped his shorts off and started blowing him right now in front of everyone. Stuff like that has happened to him before.

“Do you want some sunscreen?” she offers, reaching for the bottle.

Oh, my God! Could you be any more obvious? Clearly this is a strategy for getting to touch him, and I can tell that he sees right through it, but he’s never one to turn down a flirty girl.

“Yeah, mine probably came off in the pool,” he says, his eyes scanning her body.

“Um, I could put some on your back for you and stuff,” she nervously continues, clearly surprised that he seems down for whatever she’s throwing out there.

I see Jenny and Annie give each other looks, almost like they’re congratulating Melissa. They know where this will lead, that it’s probably just a countdown until James has her screaming in ecstasy while he screws her in the guest room in Keegan’s basement. I know it too, but I’m not at all surprised. This happens so frequently that it’s not even noteworthy, in my book.

Melissa stands behind James and starts rubbing sunscreen on his back. He looks over his shoulder and gives her a panty-dropping smile that pretty much guarantees he’ll tap that later. I see her take a deep breath, and I have to look away to keep from laughing. How does he do this to these girls? How does a simple smile ignite their libidos to such an extent that they get flustered and giggly?

“How about you, kid?” James asks me. “You need some sunscreen too?”

“I’m probably okay,” I reply with a shrug.

“Did you do your back?” he asks with a little more authority to his voice. It’s that protective tone he gets when he thinks he should be taking care of me.

“No. I was lying on my back,” I answer, giving him a defiant smirk.

“That’s interesting, because the whole time I was talking to Joey and Keegan, you were lying on your side,” he says, raising his eyebrow at me. I think he secretly loves when I challenge him, because he always has this expression of amusement when I give him some sassy retort.

“Hand me that bottle,” he says, reaching behind him. Melissa gives him the bottle and he squeezes some out on his hand before looking back at me. “Sit up,” he orders. “Let me do your back.”

I make an exaggerated grunt of annoyance as I roll my eyes, but I sit up on my chair and turn my back to him. The other girls seem completely bewildered at my reluctance. After all, they want nothing more than for James to touch every part of their bodies, so my rejection is completely dumbfounding.

His strong hands feel so big as he rubs the sunscreen over my back. This whole thing has a massage quality to it, and he’s working my shoulders a little as he gets it distributed over my skin. It’s actually kind of nice, and I turn my head to give him an appreciative smile, which he returns.

“Hold your top in place, babe,” he instructs.

I cross my arms, holding the front of my bikini to my chest as he unhooks it in the back and starts smoothing his hands across my bra line. When I catch a glimpse of Annie, she’s giving Jenny a look that says I don’t deserve these tender ministrations from a guy like James. I’m getting along with these girls and I don’t want them to develop some kind of weird, unfounded jealousy, so I sit up a little straighter and turn to tell James that I think I’m covered enough.

“Okay,” he replies, giving me the sweetest smile before turning his attention back to the group.

Melissa is still behind him, watching her hands skim over his skin as she rubs him down. The sunscreen has clearly been distributed, but she likes touching him and has no intention of stopping yet.

“So, James,” Annie says, “are you going to Amy’s party tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, I might swing by,” he replies with a nod.

“It’s gonna be so fun! Her brother bought her all this alcohol, so it’s gonna be fully stocked,” she continues.

“Nice,” he says. “Maybe me and the boys will check it out,” he says, gesturing to Joey and Keegan in the pool.

The other girls can’t tear their eyes away from my handsome BFF, but I look to see both Joey and Keegan staring at out little gathering with their mouths slightly open. It’s clear from the way they’re murmuring to each other that they’re talking about what kind of game James is spitting to these girls. He’s got charisma for days, and they’re probably placing bets on which one of the girls will be the first to entice him into the bedroom today. I know for a fact that Joey likes Annie, so I don’t know how he’s cool with this, but these guys have a weird brotherhood thing where they don’t care if James sleeps with their girls. They treat him like a rock star, and I swear that Keegan, in particular, kind of likes to fuck James’s former flings, almost like he just wants to say he followed in James’s footsteps.

I smile at the guys and they know they’re busted, so they try to act casual and pretend they’re chatting about more mundane subjects. Horny, teenage boys will be horny, teenage boys, I guess. The benefit of having the horniest of all teenage boys for a best friend is that stuff like that doesn’t bother you at all. I’ve lost count of the number of boner and wet dream conversations I’ve had with James over the years. He’ll share just about anything with me, and I think he kind of likes watching my reaction to some of the more graphic details.

I reach for my flip-flops and stand up from my chair, announcing that I’m going to get some lemonade from the downstairs fridge in Keegan’s house. The girls all refuse glasses when I offer, and James tells me he’ll just take a sip of mine, so I head into the house to get it.

I pass through the sliding glass doors and down the hallway into the bar area where Keegan’s parents usually host parties. Reaching into the fridge, I grab the pitcher and get a glass with ice. The first sip is cool and refreshing, and I debate bypassing more gossip in favor of a quick dip in the pool to cool down.

I take my glass and head back down the hallway when I see James emerge.

I give him a big smile and look at my glass. “Hey, did you want—”

My question is interrupted when he grabs my hips and pushes me up against the wall. Suddenly, his lips are on my neck and his breath is hot on my skin. My eyes close and I absorb the feeling of his hands skimming the small of my back and traveling up my ribs. He offers no words, no explanations as one hand rests on the back of my neck, tilting it to open my throat up to more kisses.

Holy shit! This is amazing! I can feel myself getting incredibly aroused. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before—let alone with James—and the feeling is exquisite. His motions are all so passionate, but still gentle and sweet.

He palms my breasts and my lips part as a breathy moan instinctively escapes my throat. He’s caressing them through my bikini top while his tongue occasionally flicks out to make contact with the skin just under my jaw.

“Mmm!” I exhale when I feel him slide the triangles of my top aside, making skin-on-skin contact with my breasts. This is the first time anyone has ever touched them before, and the pleasurable sensation is even more intense.

My heart is racing and I realize that my breath is coming out in little pants and whimpers.

“Yes,” he whispers against my neck as his thumbs glide in circles over my nipples, which are already firm and perky with arousal.

I dare to raise my free hand up, stroking my fingers down the nape of his neck as he continues to kiss onto my shoulder blade and then back up the side of my throat. His skin is hot, his hair damp as I start to move my fingers into it.

“Ohhh,” I sigh when he kisses a little spot behind my ear. “James,” I whisper, my hand running down onto his muscular shoulder.

He tenses up, then straightens his back, his eyes darting all over the place as he takes a step back from me.

It’s over? But it felt so good! Don’t stop now!

“Um…sorry,” he timidly whispers before swiftly turning back down the hall and going back outside.

I’m left there in the hallway, my breasts exposed, my pulse surging, my whole body buzzing with anticipation for some kind of stimulation that will never come. I swallow heavily and take a few deep breaths, adjusting my top to cover myself again.

What the hell was that? He came in here, passionately groped me, turned me on until I felt like I was glowing, then suddenly decided against the whole thing and disappeared. This is so not fair!

I take a big sip of lemonade and then put the glass to my forehead, trying to cool down enough to not reveal even a hint of arousal when I go back outside.

I manage to calm myself down and then go back out to the pool area. I look at James in the pool, but he avoids my eyes, sinking under the water and only looking at Joey and Keegan once he emerges.

I sit back down on the lounge chair, but my body language is nowhere near as relaxed now. I feel the need to cover up, and I tuck my knees closer to me, suddenly realizing that my little bikini is actually kind of skimpy. Maybe I was inadvertently turning James on, flirting with him without knowing it. Maybe he just couldn’t take anymore and it manifested into that episode in the hallway. I wish we could talk about it, but just a glance at him tells me this is probably something that will go in the vault. He’ll pretend like it never happened, and I’ll be left trying to figure out my feelings all by myself.

Everything he did felt amazing, and I wanted him to keep going. I understood. In that moment, I saw that quality that all the other girls see, that strong sexual magnetism that makes you exchange logic for pure libido. Even thinking about it now brings a flush to my cheeks. Goddammit, James! Why did you have to stop right in the middle like that? I would have love to see where that sensation led, to follow him down the path to a level of pleasure I just instinctively know he could show me.

I manage to slip back into the idle chatter of the girls, no hints of the previous incident evident in my behavior. The guys sit there, presumably talking about us, but I can see that James hasn’t mentioned a thing to either of them. This is clearly a “just between us” thing, and I’m happy to keep it that way. Involving anyone else would complicate it even more—as if we’re ever going to get the chance to talk about it anyway!

There’s a slightly awkward silence when I get into James’s car at the end of the day. I’m not sure if I should bring it up or let it slide. Just when I think I’ve worked up the courage to ask him about it, he turns up the stereo a little, effectively blocking off any conversation.

We pull up to our block and he turns the music down a bit. “Wanna watch a movie or something?” he asks me with a friendly smile that implores me to just let it go.

“Sure,” I say, nodding back.

We get out, and he tentatively puts his arm around my shoulders as we walk up the path to his house. I can tell that he’s a little nervous to touch me, like I might smack him away, so I hang my arm around his hips and scoot closer when we arrive at the door. I want him to know that it’s still okay to touch me—in fact, it’s more than okay to touch me.

Do you want to do it again, James? Because I absolutely, positively would have no objections to that. Come on. Touch me again. Please? I try to communicate this sentiment through my eyes, but even though I think he might get the message, he avoids any kind of flirtatious gestures.

We end up spending most of the evening on his bed, propped up on pillows and watching movies on his little TV. It takes me several hours, but I finally force myself to let the whole hallway incident go. Clearly we’re not going to talk about it, and I’m guessing he’s planning to seal it off in his mind, so it’s a lost cause to pursue it. I go along with it, though I’m not happy about that solution.

His mom cooks dinner and I eat with his family, being cheerful and upbeat like I usually am with them. At the end of the night, he gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek before we part ways at his front door.

I lie awake in bed for a few hours before eventually give up on analyzing things and just go to sleep.



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