The making of Vice & Virtue

Vice and Virtue erotic romance series by Bianca GiovanniA little over six months ago, I decided to indulge a lifelong dream and start writing a novel. Inspired by a conversation with my friend about Fifty Shades and the classic character types represented in erotic literature, I set out to write a story that I’d want to read with characters that I’d fall in love with. I mean, come on! How many BDSM billionaires and utterly innocent virgins do we really need?

I came up with James and Lola when I was thinking back on the best traits of my favorite romance/erotica characters. I wanted a guy who was in control, but had a genuine warmth and adoration for his leading lady. I wanted a heroine who was inexperienced, but not naive, who had heard of all kinds of kinky sexual practices, but never actually tried them. I didn’t want my characters to have uncontrollable love (or lust) at first sight, but a gradual growth and realization of their deep feelings for each other. Most importantly, I wanted to do away with the ever-present Dom/sub themes of the genre and make two people who were equals, and who benefited from each other instead of taking advantage of one another.

So, I started writing my tale of a porn star and his virginal best friend, a duo who had a long history, mutual respect, undeniable attraction and a genuine love for each other—both romantic and otherwise. While working on the full-length novel, Vice, Virtue & Video, I decided to explore important events in James and Lola’s past as a writing exercise for myself to help me create more three dimensional characters. What were they like as kids? How did they make it through high school without ever giving in to their subconscious attraction to one another? What happened when James’ family found out about his career? How did Lola react when she saw one of James’ videos for the first time? I felt it was important for me as an author to know the entire life story of my characters, but then I realized that it might be great for readers to learn about these significant events too. Thus, First Dance, Exposed and Diving In were born.

To my surprise (and absolute delight) the shorts started making a splash at Smashwords, where I self-published them. Readers were giving them five-star reviews, commenting on the plot and the heroes, even saying they wanted a guy like James—the ultimate compliment for any writer, in my opinion. With the encouragement from all those early readers and reviewers, I sat down and finished the novel, determined to deliver a payoff worthy of all that tantalizing teasing.

I would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed my books, on Smashwords, Goodreads or elsewhere! You guys have inspired me and made me a better writer!

I’m currently working on the next round of Vice & Virtue books, which will be released in the coming months. Stay tuned to, follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook for updates or just to chat.

Thank you again to all my readers, supporters and literary friends!



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