More, more, more! A new VVV novella!

The Vice, Virtue & Video Series: First Dance, Revealed, Letting Go and more.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I wanted to show my love for all the awesome people who love James and Lola. Chocolate and roses are so cliche, so I decided to whip up a brand new Vice, Virtue & Video novella instead. This is a Valentine’s gift that won’t make you fat like candy, and it won’t dry up in a week like flowers. Besides, homemade gifts are always the best ones anyway! This novella takes place after Revealed but before book #2 (cover reveal coming soon). Here’s a quick synopsis: James Laird and Lola Caraway have been best … Continue reading

Everything you ever wanted to know about ‘Revealed’

Revealed now available in ebook stores

Wow! What a week! As you might know from my obsessive Tweeting and Facebooking, Vice, Virtue & Video: Revealed is now available in stores. If you’re a Kindle user, you can get it HERE, and Nook loyalists can scoop up a copy on the B&N Nook store HERE. Other ebook stores, like iBooks, are coming soon. I’ll have updated links on THIS page as books are added. Revealed is already getting some great reviews on Goodreads, and I’d like to thank everyone who has reviewed and rated it—particularly those awesome readers who have given it 5 stars. You can check … Continue reading

Ringing in the New Year

A very Vice & Virtue New Year's Eve

It’s almost 2014, which means we have about two weeks until the release of Vice, Virtue, & Video: Revealed! If you haven’t already added it to your to-read list on Goodreads, you can do that here. You can also enter to win a free copy right here. In the meantime, I wanted to thank all of you who have been with me since First Dance, so I have a brand new deleted scene to ring in the new year. Journey back to 2003 for a very James and Lola New Year’s Eve… Keegan’s having a New Year’s Eve party and … Continue reading

Cover and contest for ‘Revealed’

Vice, Virtue, & Video: Revealed

The nicest thing about signing with a publisher is having a team. Not only do you get a professional editor, you get people to help you with publicity, and even design pros who can create a beautiful cover for your book. I absolutely love what the Omnific gang came up with for the cover of Vice, Virtue, & Video: Revealed. I loved this pic because it reminded me of the very climactic scene near the end of the book. If you haven’t already added Revealed to your TBR, head on over to Goodreads to do it now, and be sure … Continue reading